Delegation from Taiwan visits GEOMAR



Delegation from Taiwan visits GEOMAR

Professor Christian Berndt (GEOMAR 3rd from right) and Professor Gerhard Bohrmann (Marum, 2nd from right) welcome the guests from Taiwan in Kiel. Photo: Saulwood Lin

05 April 2018 / Kiel. The administration of research vessels and the planning of sea-going expeditions were the main topics of a working visit for which high-ranking representatives of Taiwan's politics and science came to the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel this week. The delegation was headed by Professor Chun-Chieh Wu, Director-General of Science and Sustainable Development at Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. It also included professors from several universities and the Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI).

The most important part of the visit was a meeting with the GEOMAR’s ship coordinator Dr. Klas Lackschewitz. He gave information on how GEOMAR cares for the two mid-sized vessels RV ALKOR and RV POSEIDON and explained how  the German research fleet is organized in general. He also explained how researchers in Germany can get access to ship time on all German research vessels via an application procedure.

The delegation also visited GEOMAR's Technology and Logistics Centre, where discussions focused on the use of deep-sea technology.

GEOMAR has been cooperating with TORI and other partners in Taiwan for several years, for example in research on gas hydrate deposits and their impact on slope stability and climatic processes.

Further information about the German research fleet on the portal German Research Vessels: