Scientific dialogue between ocean and atmosphere



Scientific dialogue between ocean and atmosphere

Participants of the International SOLAS Conference. Photo: SOLASThe SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee. Photo: SOLAS

25 April 2019 / Sapporo / Kiel. From 21.-25. April about 200 scientists from 30 different countries met in Sapporo, Japan for the 7th SOLAS Open Science Conference. The International SOLAS (Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study) programme explores the interactions between ocean and atmosphere, and connects researchers from these disciplines worldwide. SOLAS investigates physical, chemical and biological processes in the upper ocean and in the lower atmosphere. The International SOLAS Project Office based at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel coordinates the global research programme and was also responsible for organizing the conference. The executive director of the SOLAS IPO is Dr. Jessica Gier. 

Highlights of the event included an Early Career Scientists Day during which doctoral students and postdocs from the research areas of ocean and atmosphere could exchange and network. In addition, a geoengineering workshop was held to discuss current topics and techniques surrounding the interventions in the geochemical and biogeochemical cycles of the upper ocean and the lower atmosphere. SOLAS has set itself the task of investigating the scientific background of geoengineering techniques and informing about their impact on climate and environment. Last year SOLAS has published a "Statement on Geoengineering". (

After the end of the conference, which was marked by the beginning of cherry blossom in Northern Japan and a traditional Japanese drum ceremony, the 17 members of the International Scientific Steering Committee of SOLAS met. This three-day meeting focused on discussions on current research issues and their implementation. On the subject of "Science and Society" (, SOLAS intends to focus in future even more intensively on ship emissions and plastics in the ocean. In September 2019, SOLAS will support the "Shipping and the Environment II" conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The next international SOLAS Open Science Conference is scheduled for 2022.


Dr. Jessica Gier, SOLAS Executive Director, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Phone: +49-431 600-4153, jgier(at)